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Nestled beside the picturesque Lunan Bay, our 16-room dog-friendly bed and breakfast invites you to experience the perfect blend of historical charm and modern luxury. Housed within a beautifully preserved old estate house, complemented by a contemporary wing, our accommodation offers a unique retreat in the hamlet of Lunan the gateway to Lunan Bay. Each room is a haven of comfort, adorned with a harmonious mix of classic decor and modern conveniences. Your furry friends are not just accommodated; they're pampered with our pet-friendly amenities and the scenic beauty of Lunan Bay just a paw's step away. The estate's lush grounds provide an ideal space for you and your pets to unwind, while the modern wing ensures convenience and the original estate house offers a touch of sophistication. Whether you're looking for a peaceful escape or an adventure along the bay, our 16-room dog-friendly bed and breakfast promises an unforgettable stay where the beauty of the past meets the comfort of the present, all in the heart of the captivating Lunan Bay.

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